Lasers in ophthalmology

Call it the star trek effect or the influence of DARPA on the geeks in medicine, ophthalmologists or eye doctors have been eye doctors in vision care , use a lot of different kinds of lasers. Based on the color and the element used to generate the laser the lasers have different nomenclature.Thousand oaks LASIK eye doctor, our well known Drhanna says that each laser has it's own use in ophthalmology. Yag, excimer, argon,femtosecond are some of the lasers used in treatment of eye disease. The most well known is of course the excimer laser visx cutomvue. Yes, we have this right here in Thousand oaks. We have a star of the art excimer laser in our Thousand oaks LASIK eye center. This visx later can in the hands of one of the best LASIK surgeons in the united states can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and even astigmatism. Using technology developed by NASA precise placement of treatment can be accomplished. Combining wavefront technology with iris recognition very accurate placement of laser spots can be done. Combine this with a relaxing atmosphere at Khanna eye institue and our active tracking technology and the fear of moving eyes is history. Our patients in Thousand oaks laser center don't have to worry about accidentally moving their eyes. The skill of our surgeon and the the latest laser technology is focussed on them.